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Our Picks For The Best Virginia Beach Coffee Shops

There is nothing quite like a delicious cup of bold coffee in the morning. The invigorating air out on the patio of one of our Virginia Beach apartments is the perfect place to enjoy a roast from a Virginia Beach coffee shop. If you’re on the hunt for a go-to cafe, here are a few suggestions. 

Cafe Moka

You can find a large selection of hand-crafted drinks, such as coffee, espresso, teas, smoothies, and hot cocoas at Cafe Moka. Your coffee is hand-brewed from lightly roasted, fruit-forward coffees. Because coffee is actually a fruit, it is prudent to taste the natural characteristics of the coffee itself, instead of the coffee roast. That is why it is recommended that you try it black, so you can truly experience the coffee fruit. Be sure to try the pour-over coffee for the best taste experience. 

Pour Favor Coffee Shop

Pour Favor Coffee Shop is a Puerto Rican-based coffee shop and the home of the Original Coffee Flights. The coffee is carefully selected from only the finest beans and then carefully roasted to ensure a great coffee tasting experience. The coffee is anything but boring as the more delicate and intricate flavors of coffee are explored in order to excite the palate and challenge your expectations. Come in and pick up a seasonal flight to enjoy at home. 

Lynnhaven Coffee Company

It is the goal of Lynnhaven Coffee Company to be one of the premier specialty coffee shops. To that end, Lynnhaven's very own dedicated roasting facility is just a couple of blocks down the road. The beans are single-origin and fair trade. And with close relationships with other area producers, you can also expect the highest quality baked goods and dairy products. Come by to get a drink and pick up a bag to brew at home. Be sure to try the Organic Bali Blue Moon. 

Along with these local coffeehouses, our apartments in Virginia Beach are near other locally owned businesses. To become a resident of our community, please contact us for a virtual tour.

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