Touring Options

We are offering several options for tours:

-Virtual via FaceTime or Zoom
-Virtual via emailed videos. You can also check out the video/photos our website has to offer.

* Please note, if you prefer a guided tour over a virtual or self-guided tour, there are a few policies we have set in place for everyone’s protection:

-No more than 4 people in your group to tour
-Masks are required through the duration of your visit (ages 10+), we ask that you provide your own

Call 757-471-2004 Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM to schedule your tour! 

Blog Articles

Try These Effective Pool Exercises at The Apartments at Spence Crossing

As summer approaches, you may be looking for fun ways to keep active at The Apartments at Spence Crossing. Luckily, you can celebrate the season and break a sweat in the sparkling waters of our community’s pool. 

If you are a resident of our apartments near Tidewater Community College, conquer these workouts from the comfort of our pool area. 

Back Wall Glides

Back wall glides are excellent for core and lower body exercise. They are easy, too. Grab hold of the pool's edge. Fold your knees to your chest, pressing your feet against the side of the pool. Push off the way and allow yourself to glide. When you stop, drop your feet to the ground and run back to the wall. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Jumping Jacks

The technique for jumping jacks in the pool is not exactly the same as those on land. Start with your legs together and hands at your side. Jump, extending your legs outwards and your arms up. Finally, jump again, returning your arms and legs to their original position. This pool workout uses the resistance of the water while being easy on your joints.

Walking or Jogging in Water

The following simple water exercises come naturally since we walk every day. Start at one side of the pool's shallow end, and then walk to the other side. Turn around, and walk back. Every two to four laps, increase your speed to a light jog. As you become more confident, you can go deeper into the pool.

There are a ton of easy pool workouts you can do in the pool at our apartments in Virginia Beach. After that, you can reward yourself with a decadent meal from one of these Italian restaurants. Go on. You deserve it! When you want to find out more about The Apartments at Spence Crossing, contact us to learn more.

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